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It would be great to have a “sixth sense”—the ability to see and hear things no one else is able to detect. Or would it? Eighteen-year-old Emma Patterson’s psychic ability has been a mixed blessing. It led her to Voyance, a special school in Florida for young people who have remarkable gifts. There, she met her best friend Kristen, as well as Alex, the love of her young life, along with many other friends. But it also brought her to the attention of the ruthless Dr. Schmidt, a powerful enemy who wants to harness Emma’s powers for evil purposes. Emma and Alex are not your typical young newlyweds. Having married hastily during their flight from Emma’s adversaries, they now just want to be left alone to savor their romance. Instead, they are forced to flee again and again to escape the clutches of the mysterious and powerful Institute. Now they must seek help from a few good friends and a series of strangers… who may or may not have their best interests at heart. Their hope is to stay out of sight as they await the birth of their child. But it’s hard to tell which is approaching faster… Emma’s enemies, or her due date. The lives of Emma, her friends, and even her unborn child hang in the balance as they try to keep one step ahead of danger. Along the way, her psychic abilities sometimes seem to get Emma in almost as many tight spots as they get her out of. In “Redeemed,” this exciting sequel to “Voyance,” a couple’s young love is tested through a series of trials that could cost them their marriage—and even their lives.


Outcomes can change.

Love does not.

Welcome to Redeemed.

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