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Praise for Voyance

A gift can easily become a curse. "Voyance" is a young adult novel following Emma Patterson as she copes with her unusual talents that allow her to see what others cannot through clairvoyance and telepathy. As she enters a school with others like her, she finds that even when she can read minds, people are impossible to read, and that there may be a dark truth about their school. "Voyance" is a riveting read of ESP and growing up, very much recommended.

~ Midwest Book Reviews


…I was captivated from page one. This is not your typical YA fiction read…the characters are well-developed, the writing flows well and the book is full of enough suspense to keep it interesting. I definitely recommend this book be added to your TBR pile - just don't leave it there too long!

~ B'Tween Prose


Such a good book! Can not wait for book two!

~ YA-Aholic Reviews

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